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Two articles written by Mariam Hansen which were compiled from stories in the St. Helena StarChinese Heritage of St Helena tells about the era of our town during the 1800s when it was home to about 500 Chinese laborers and merchants.  Chronology of Chinese News is a listing of events in the news from 1850 until 1945.

Logan Ives Bellani House by Mariam Hansen. This historic home is now the Long Meadow Ranch Winery Tasting Room, located at Main and Charter Oak, in St. Helena.

Synopsis of news articles from the St. Helena Star compiled by Mariam Hansen.
1880 Synopsis of the News
1881 Synopsis of the News
1882 Synopsis of the News
1883 Synopsis of the News
1884 Synopsis of the News
1885 Synopsis of the News

Two brief histories of the St. Helena Star: one by Mariam Hansen and the other by Leo Martin.

The History of St. Helena High School, by Mariam Hansen.  2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the dedication of Vintage Hall, the first building constructed for St. Helena High School.

Historic Sports at St. Helena High School, by Jim Hunt.  Read the text of Jim’s program to the Historical Society on September 12, 2012.  He has meticulously researched boys football, baseball and basketball at St. Helena High School and talks about the first 60 years, 1908 – 1968, in this paper.

Our First People: St. Helena’s First Inhabitants.  A video presentation given by Pacific Legacy archaeologists describing their findings from an extensive archaeological dig near the confluence of the Napa River and Sulphur Creek done as part of the Napa Valley Flood

Read about the harvest of 1879 at local wineries around St. Helena, summarized by Mariam Hansen from the St. Helena Star of Oct. 3, 1879. Winemaking at Local Cellars, 1879

Learn about St. Helena’s iconic street lights, the electroliers, in an article by Mariam Hansen.  2014 marks their 100th anniversary. The Electrolier

Biographies of St. Helena notables:
Allison, John Marshal
Backus, Honorable Gurden Backus III
Baldridge, William
Beach, George Holton
Fisher, W. F.
Gandil, Arthur “Chick”
Griffith, Calvin C.

Articles first appearing in the VIVA, Vineyard Valley’s newsletter, written by Mariam Hansen
Winemaking in the 1880s
St. Helenans Mourn the Death of President McKinley With Memorial
Reprint of 1884 Star article on “Tramps in St Helena”
Memoirs of Alphonse Bell
More Memoirs of Alphonse Bell

Bringer Winery. Beringer 140th Talk by Mariam Hansen, Given to celebrate the 140th Anniversary of the First Crush at Beringer, April 24, 2016. Bringer Timeline compiled by Mariam Hansen from her research and articles in the “St. Helena Star.”